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Why & How to Enjoy Being Alone

Do you enjoy being alone? Naturally we are wired to want to belong to a community and that is why at times…

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5 Ways to a more

Productive Life

Productivity is not about doing more, it’s about making more use of your time. Below are a few tips that will help you be more productive.

Urgent vs Important (Eisenhower Matrix)

Most of the time we prioritize the urgent things as opposed to…

5 free Apps to get you more organized

5 free Apps to get you more organized

Life can at times be super overwhelming but once you start planning and putting things in place, things will start getting easier. Knowing what you are supposed to do is one thing but figuring out where to start and actually completing tasks is something totally...

Being an introvert during COVID-19

Being an introvert during COVID-19

Introversion is a personality trait characterized by getting stimulation from internal sources as opposed to external ones. An introvert recharges from time spent alone. As introverts we are so accustomed to being within and with ourselves and social distance to some...

Are you an Information Addict?

Are you an Information Addict?

A study by the University of California , Haas School of Business found out that information acts on the brain’s dopamine producing a reward system in the same way as money, food or drugs. Our brains can over value information that makes us feel good even though it is...




Featured Story

How to Practice Radical Self-acceptance

Radical self-acceptance is something you need to practice if you tend to worry a lot, have a hard time accepting reality as it is, struggle with a certain type of insecurity, feel the need to be extra hard or put a lot of pressure on yourself . 

What is it?

Radical self-acceptance means going an extra mile with embracing who you are, without any conditions or exceptions to both your positive and negative attributes. It means trying to get rid of the but, ifs’ and what if’s in your life. It means truly accepting everything for what it is in the present moment.

A message from our founder

✦Do you feel lost and unsure about what you are supposed to do with your life?

✦Are you doing everything possible to bring forth the treasures that lie within you?

✦What would your life look like if you pursued the things that you actually enjoy?

✦Who would you be if you showed up for yourself in all ways?

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