A Letter to my 22 Year Old Self

A Letter to my 22 Year Old Self

Dear …..

You are probably over the moon after what might have seemed like an eternity of school.You are filled with big hopes and high dreams of the life to come. Your child like spirit of thinking that you can achieve all those big goals is your greatest asset and you should hold on to that for as long as you can. I thought I’d give you some tips and pointers that might help you along the way.

Do not be held back by fear. Do not be afraid of failure. To this point you might have been taught that failure is a bad thing and should be avoided at all cost. If you are anything like me throughout school you were conditioned to think that there is a right and wrong answer. Failure is just part of the process to getting it right. When you fail which will definitely happen just learn from it and in that case it will turn out to be a win situation for you.

Not everything will turn out as you had planned. Come to think of it most of the things will not turn out as you had hoped. You will be faced with hurdles some harder than you would have expected but what matters is that you keep your eye on the ball and do not give up. All the trials and tribulations that come your way are meant to make you stronger and build your character.

Family and friends are very crucial, so as you work towards achieving your dreams do not forget to create time for them. At the end of the day when you want to celebrate your wins you will want to share them with someone and when you are faced with those low moments you will want a shoulder to lean on.

This is the time to take risks and experiment. Try it all and leave no stone un turned. Trust the process and be patient to learn whatever it is that you have to learn. Remember to always give it your best and to have fun in the process.  Keep doing you and keep winning.



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