This is my Story

It all started with a book … Just before my 25th birthday I read the book Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes and it dawned on how safe I had been living my life. Shonda in her book explains how she decided to dedicate a whole year to saying yes to things that scared her and things that she would normally turn down.

I decided to literally take a leaf from her book and have my own Year of Yes. Lucky for me this was in December meaning I had a clean slate to work with as we were going into the New Year. Since then I have decided to turn my Year of Yes into a Life of Yes exploring what life has to offer and pursuing a life that makes me happy.

All that I can say is that I am enjoying the process of going after my dream life and not being held back by fear.

Why Live Learn Light?

Live Learn Light is part of my Year of Yes journey. These are the three basic principles that I plan to abide by daily. At the end of every before I retire to bed I purpose to ask myself whether I lived, learned and was a light. For me Living means doing the things that bring me joy however, this calls for courage. Learning means that I will always be a student for life and that means drawing lessons from books, conversations and my surrounding. Lastly being a light means striving to always be the best version of myself and in turn bringing out the best in other people.♥