Live Learn Light

A study by the University of California , Haas School of Business found out that information acts on the brain’s dopamine producing a reward system in the same way as money, food or drugs. Our brains can over value information that makes us feel good even though it is not useful.

We are living in a time where information has never been more accessible. It’s all good and well having all that information but we can fall into a trap and become information addicts. If you are an information addict you want to soak up all that information and are always on the hunt for what you can learn next. The problem with that is that you keep learning and never start doing and as time passes you end up knowing a lot of things but you haven’t done anything much.  

There is a difference between seeking out knowledge to just know something and seeking knowledge with a purpose to apply it. If you know something and you are not doing anything with it then serves no purpose. When seeking out information always try to ask yourself why you are doing it. Is it to just know facts or is it to be implemented elsewhere.