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Are you Emotionally Healthy?

Being emotionally healthy means having the ability to confront and face your emotions or feelings regardless of whether they are positive or not. Our emotional health is heavily dependent on how we think, feel, behave and act. Being emotionally healthy on the other hand doesn’t mean that you’ll always be happy and have an optimistic outlook on life.

Being emotionally unhealthy can cause you to  neglect other areas of your life. Poorly managed negative emotions to some extent have a negative effect even on our physical health. Bottom line in order to be emotionally healthy, you need to be mindful of your emotions. 

We are always in a state of flux and you will always go through periods where you are emotionally healthy or unhealthy.

Some of the signs that you might exhibit when you are emotionally unhealthy include:

✦ Holding some type of resentment towards a person or life in general e.g.. Having fights with people in your head

✦ Giving your attention to people that you think are toxic for you

✦ Not being able to let go of what no longer serves you in your life

✦ Excessive self isolation and the tendency to avoid the people that you care about

✦ When you are extremely reactive to everything that happens in your life

✦ When you numb your emotions to everything that happens in your life

Some of the tools that you can use to balance your emotional health

✦ We cannot address what we cannot see ourselves so cultivate a sense of self awareness through the ability to catch your emotions.

✦ Find a balance between your work, play and rest

✦Create solo times and find activities that you can do during this times e.g. journal, meditate

✦Find an outlet where you can express yourself

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