Live Learn Light

I’m sure this sounds puzzling but I promise by the end of it all it will make sense and maybe be even the most profound thing that you hear this year like it has been for me. My biggest lesson for 2018 so far is the power that lies in starting. Making small steps be it a 2 minute workout….yes you read right two minute workout can make all the difference. I haven’t fully figured it out yet but the moment you make that first step it’s easier to get things done. The fear that holds us back subsides and whatever task that is ahead now seems doable.

The biggest challenge that I face is paralysis analysis. I spend so much time planning and planning and some more planning that none of my ideas see the light of day. I believe that we are pro creators and this should not only be limited to filling the earth but also to creativity. As Elizabeth Gilbert points out in her book Big Magic, an idea choses you for a reason and the least that you could do is create it. And I have resolved to do just that and give life to all the ideas that chose me to be their creator. This blog is just an example of some of the things that I would like to work on. I will be sharing some of my other projects with you guys as I would like to share my growth journey with you.

Back to the title “Be a verb not a noun” I think this would be best illustrated through an example. You become a poet through writing poems, you are a writer through writing and you become a dancer through your dance. It is through doing that we become what we are called to do. The challenge that I have taken up and which I would wish for you to take up with me is to just do what we feel we were called to do. Let us feel the fear and just to it anyway. Forget perfection; forget judgement and all that that negativity that holds us back. From its definition a verb is a doing word and my plea is that we all be verbs. So take out your pen and start writing, take our your dancing shoes and start dancing, take out your music instrument and start playing whatever it is just start and  do. It won’t be easy but it will surely be worth it.