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Guest Blogger: Perfect Flaws and All

My scars tell a story,
A story of the pain I’ve dealt with,
A story of struggles and persistence,
One that reminds me of the battles I had to face.

My scars show what I’ve been through,
They speak of pain, survival and triumph,
They are proof of where I have come from,
My scars are beauty marks; they made me who I am.

Some of us bear scars; some old, some new,
Constantly reminding us of our pain, fuck ups and victory,
Some we want to remember, others we want to forget,
Evidence that we’ve overcome life’s most difficult obstacles.

My scars are evident that there is a loving God,
Who is always there to fight my battles,
Helping me overcome my adversities,
And I am not ashamed or afraid to show who I am.