Live Learn Light

Introversion is a personality trait characterized by getting stimulation from internal sources as opposed to external ones. An introvert recharges from time spent alone. As introverts we are so accustomed to being within and with ourselves and social distance to some extent is the preferable choice. Social distancing is part of our norm and the only difference this time round is that it is forced. 

Our society is built on extroverts, right from school with group assignments to the workplace with meetings and working as a team. Growing up you are taught to glorify extroversion and adapt to fit into the extrovert world.  As an introvert you are always left feeling lesser than and it forces you to change who you are.

Several meme’s have been making rounds and my favorite has to be that “Introverts it is our time”. With social distancing and quarantine in place we are now able to be our true self and accept ourselves for who we are and not need to change ourselves and our basic personality. Here are a few perks of quarantine

    • Learning and Work meetings are majorly on online platforms.
    • You don’t have to feel guilty for turning down or cancelling plans.
    • We get to slow slow down and form deeper connections with the people in our lives.
    • Less Social exhaustion – Introverts experience social exhaustion especially from people who are socially draining.
    • Creativity – Since we are in our natural state our creativity has been heightened and we are able to come up with brilliant ideas.

With that said, we still want the pandemic to end because of all the havoc that it has caused and as much as we like it now, introvert or extrovert we are all  social beings.