Live Learn Light

With the dawn of the new decade I couldn’t help but notice the level of hope that it carried. You know how year in, year out you have a feeling that this is it. This is going to be my year. Almost every post that I came across on social media during the new year had that vibe. There is something to this year, it represents a new dawn of some sort. With that said it might be early on in the year but I feel like everyone is laser focused on their goals. It feels selfish to some extent to expect people to show up for you because we are all dealing with our own shit and on top of that trying to go after our dream lives.

Life is a series of hills and valleys. One moment you feel like you can take on the whole world, and before you even know it you feel like you are carrying the weight of the whole world on your shoulders. This got me thinking about how to be your own cheerleader during those times when you feel like you are on your own. I thought about all the things that have served as a pick me up when I have felt down and I thought that I’d share my list and maybe it can help you come up with yours.

    • The quickest way for me is to listen to a sermon. I have learnt that sermons serve as a reminder as to why I do what I do which is I answered the call and moved when God asked me to.
    • Emotions are meant to be felt be it good or bad ones and at times when I feel like crying I’ll watch a really emotional movie or listen to deep moving songs.
    • If I feel like something is triggering my anxiety I’ll take a break from the task and resume when I feel relaxed.
    • There are few people that I open up to but it really helps to share what you are going through.
    • I think about all the good things that I have going on and that helps you see that one bad thing is not going to be the end of the world.
    • I saved the best for last but boy do I love a good nap. I usually wake up with renewed energy and ready to take on whatever was weighing me down in the first place.

With that said my challenge to you is to think hard and deep about the things that will encourage you. Learn to be your own cheerleader because at times that is all that you will ever have.