Finding Yourself; A Journey into Self Discovery

Finding Yourself; A Journey into Self Discovery

The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are… The greatest is being happy with what you find.

For some it comes early on, others discover it later on in life and for the others it never happens. Knowing who you are seems easier said than done. There are so many tips out there on things that you can do to help you get there. You hear things like date yourself and you are left wondering what that entails. Considering we spend literally every second with ourselves its weird how if you pose the questions; what are you passionate about? Or what are your strengths and weaknesses? It takes a while to answer the questions and at times taking online tests to know our personality. Something that should be a no-brainer.

True happiness lies in doing the things that you are passionate about and that’s why most people point out that money is just but an added benefit. The million dollar question in this case is how to discover who you are and what you are passionate about. It has taken me 25 years to get the answer and to some it might seem late especially when you hear about how Serena Williams started playing tennis at the age of three but then there is Well Colonel Harland Sanders who started K.F.C at 65 years so it’s never too late.

Most of the time we don’t pursue what we studied in school as a career reason being that at that point we were not encouraged to follow our passion or we didn’t know what that was. I have always loved business and the truth is that I would have been happy in any business course but I specialized in procurement, logistics and warehousing and paired that with Accounts. Growing up I was one of those quiet well behaved kids and you would think that it is a good thing, right?  The problem is you grow up playing safe and without a sense of adventure and exploration. So throughout school I concentrated on my studies and didn’t bother to try and discover what else I was good at. The notion that you go to school and get a job was heavily ingrained in me.

Fast forward two years into employment I started getting bored and unhappy with my job. I am not sure if it applies to every job but Accounting can be really monotonous especially when you get the hang of it since you do the same thing over and over again. I started getting to work late as I didn’t have that thing that would have made me so excited and want to jump out of bed. I became so obsessed with speaking engagements and events and books on finding your passion thinking that they would spark something and voila I would be able to get out of my rut.

I even stumbled upon a life coach whose office was in the same compound as our office. I had a few sessions with him which were at times so infuriating and didn’t feel fruitful since I wanted a quick fix.  He kept reminding me that that’s not how it worked. But he nudged me in the right direction and taught me that the key to finding out who you are lies in yourself and not in other people. Friends and family can help in providing hints but you have to be willing to do the work.

The answer to the question how to find yourself is a trial and error thing. It lies in trying out new things and in the process you get to learn your likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses and it also brings out your character. Another tip would be taking a trip down memory lane as what you liked doing most when you were child reveals a lot about yourself and if you can’t recall ask your parents or people you grew up with or around. The whole dating yourself thing makes sense to me now in that the same things should apply like spending time with yourself, trying out new things, treating yourself all those little things that you do when dating someone.

All in all having no clue as to who you are can be a trying and confusing time but taking the steps to discovering who you are is very rewarding as it brings you closer to your highest truest self. So if you are in that phase don’t fret just know it’s not an overnight thing, it takes time and courage to get out of your box and try out new things.



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    Totally agree! We often just want a quick fix because we’re so tired of it all, but it really is trial and error. I think we have to learn to enjoy the process and the journey. I’d say it’s like watching a really good movie: the protagonist has a bunch of ups and downs, trials and errors, but through all that they do find their way. Great blog post! ^__^

    1. livelearnlight

      I really like your analogy of a movie it really brings the point home. Thanks for taking time to read through and am humbled that you liked it.?

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    Christine Ger

    Well written dear. ..I totally agree with you…we all need to take sometime away from everything and everyone else to learn our inner potential then bring it out to life. We’re all gifted in different ways and should always strive to make a difference using our gifts. Thanks for sharing this? #livelearnlight

    1. livelearnlight

      Thanks a lot. I should really be thanking you as most of the lessons learnt have been drawn from you.??

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    Knowing yourself is indeed the hardest thing we all have to try and deal with. It’s a tall order because of all the conditioning that starts from day one. Why not be loud instead of quiet? Why not say what you really think and not what you are expected to say? Fear of disappointing. …not fitting in. Would being you. ..really you harm anybody?

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