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How to Practice Radical Self-acceptance

Radical self-acceptance is something you need to practice if you tend to worry a lot, have a hard time accepting reality as it is, struggle with a certain type of insecurity, feel the need to be extra hard or put a lot of pressure on yourself . 

What is it?

Radical self-acceptance means going an extra mile with embracing who you are, without any conditions or exceptions to both your positive and negative attributes. It means trying to get rid of the but, ifs’ and what if’s in your life. It means truly accepting everything for what it is in the present moment.

The more you accept yourself and accept things for what they are, the more you’ll feel intune and in alignment with yourself.

Why you should practice self-acceptance

  • If you always have a duality within and your inner critic overtakes your life making it feel like it’s YOU against YOU all the time  then self-acceptance will be a healing path to a more wholesome life. This is because self-acceptance makes you surrender and accept yourself just as you are without needing to change anything.
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What self-accceptance does is open up more possibilities of succeeding because you aren’t fighting yourself along the way.

  • It is empowering because it means taking reality for what it is without pushing it in a different way. It means that you have taken the power away from your inner critic.

  • It decreases your suffering because normally we put ourselves down more than other people do and we say the harshest and meanest things to ourselves. Self-acceptance will help you let go of the shame and blame that you have put on yourself.


Detach – Keep an objective point of view and choose not to fight the feelings and instead let it be.

Noticing – Learn how to notice when you are not practicing self-acceptance. Catch yourself when you are overly fixated on your mistakes, flaws, frustrations and disappointments.

Empathize – Ask yourself what you’d do if someone else was going through the same and flip it around to yourself.

Practical Tools

Breathe work – Hold your breath for 5 seconds and with every breath out take it as a moment of surrender and acceptance to your current reality. It will calm you down and slow down all the rampant thoughts that are coming to you.

Mantras – Find a mantra that you can say whenever you experience resistance to self-acceptance.

The journey to Self-Acceptance

The more you accept yourself and accept things for what they are, the more you’ll feel intune and in alignment with yourself. You’ll experience less fear, anguish and  less anxiety and it will create a domino effect in your mental and emotional well being.

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