Live Learn Light

Photo c/o She Reads Truth

I’d say I’ve had writer’s block for the past few months more so because I wasn’t sure about the direction of my blog. I even started to question whether I was making any impact and to some extent I started to question my WHY. The sole  reason as to why I write is the mere fact that I enjoy it and having an impact is just but the cherry on top. 

Looking back most of the blog posts over the last 2 years have been about personal development and self discovery because I was so obsessed with being better. However, I feel like I focused so much on one area and neglected other parts one of them being my relationship with God.

This year I would like to strengthen my relationship with God and it’s one of those things that will always be an ongoing thing. I have always had a yearning to deepen  my faith but in the recent past I feel like I set it as a goal so as to fill a box. I have never been deliberate but working from home has brought me closer to God more than ever. It is safe to say that I have seen God as my father, comforter and best friend. It has become so clear because of the moments of stillness that I’ve come to appreciate.

The question now is how do I get to know Christ more and below are a few tips that I’ve heard time and time again from people:

  • Setting time aside to read the Bible and really delve into the word.
  • Setting time aside for prayer
  • Listening to sermons
  • Listen to podcasts, youtube videos or books
  • Being part of a church group where you can be free to share your journey and to serve as a support system.
  • Learning to be still so as to spend time with God and hear him.

It sounds easier said than done because faith is like a roller coaster, at times you are at the top and other times you are at the lowest point of the ride. However, the only thing that counts is that no matter how many times you fall off keep trying and keep moving.