Knowledge is Power: Be a Student for Life

Knowledge is Power: Be a Student for Life

Earth in every sense is a learning institution and every minute 🕒 spent here class is always in session. In the same way that schools have been designed to have a time frame, life also comes to an end. The only difference between life and school is that things happen in reverse whereby we get tested first and have to figure out the lesson later. But with our busy schedules we rarely take time out to reflect on lessons learnt as we would normally do in a school set up and that’s why we don’t see life as such.

We were all created for a reason none a like each with our own mission and we should not take that for granted.  It is often said that you should live each day like it was your last. I have always taken those words lightly but as time goes by reality sinks that we only get one shot at life and with that a lot is at stake if you hold back and don’t go after what you want.

I started practicing  yoga🧘‍♂️ over a year ago and at first I just did it for physical benefits as it is the only form of exercise that I enjoy since it doesn’t require you to move a lot. After a couple of months I decided to be more intentional with my practice and it made me realize that my time on my mat was a reflection of who I was off it. I have learnt that:

🌻I usually give up as soon as things get uncomfortable.

🌻I am afraid to try out new poses and I can relate that to trying out new things in life.

🌻I actually learnt that I am more dreamer than a doer  from yoga as I will at times just lie on my mat and picture myself getting into a pose instead of actually doing it.

🌻I have learnt that practice makes perfect and that you never know until you try.

I will never forget the first time I was able to do the wheel pose I was lying on my mat looking up and praying for the day I would be able to while the rest of the guys were at it. Faith is all good but without action it’s dead. So I gave myself a rather harsh pep talk and asked myself whether I thought I would do it by just lying on the floor and wishing it in to existence. After I was done I gave it a try and viola I was able I could do it. After months of  thinking💭 I couldn’t, all it took was shift in MINDSET.

I kicked off  the year by joining Sinapis which was a 4 month entrepreneur program. I had missed being in a classroom setup and there was an upside in that there were no exams all you had to do was apply what you learnt in your business. I have always been a good student but I have struggled a bit with life after school 🚸 as I thought I would be doing better that I am.

🌻The course taught me that the reason I was good in school was that it was all theoretical( theory=ideas and practical=Action) . It makes me want to poke holes into the education system in my country. In my opinion we spend so much time in school where as that time could be spent taking action.

🌻I also discovered that we are all gifted differently from the kind of business ideas that were in that room and there is something unique that each one of us has to offer.

I also learnt to ride a bike🚲 this year. It was one of the things that I wanted to learn before I turned 26 and to be honest it was long overdue. My friend was supposed to teach my how to but five minutes into our lesson it wasn’t working as I felt like he was coddling me. A trainer who was a few feet from us offered to teach me and the agreement was that I wouldn’t pay him if I hadn’t learnt how to ride within 30 minutes. He was that sure of himself and true to his word in less than 30 minutes I could ride on my own. I didn’t fall off or get bruises as is expected with the first time.

🌻 I would say at times in life a stranger will come more in handy as opposed to family or friends.

🌻All it takes is the willingness to try and you get better with time.

🌻As soon as you stop peddling you lose your balance and I guess the same applies in life as soon as you stop doing the work things go off balance.

🌻I pointed out that I didn’t fall during my first lesson and may be that was God’s way of giving me confidence.

I also tried indoor rock 🧗‍♂️ which was pretty interesting. You start off with the small walls and move your way up. And that taught me the importance of starting small as it prepares you for the bigger challenges. I have always had a problem with starting small as my creative process is seeing the bigger picture first and when I say big I mean big and the end goal. But from that I learnt that small beginnings strengthen your muscles for the fights to come ahead.

Earth is our ultimate school and life is the teacher that dishes out lessons it’s up to us to open our eyes and be receptive to the lessons that it has to offer. I am guilty of cruising through life at times, if am being honest most of the time but when I am present I am amazed at all the lessons around from books, people, experiences, movies, music, art and even nature.

P.S. Knowledge has a beginning but no end.

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    Can you please refer me to the trainer? Thanks ☺️

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      We should plan to go to Karura am sure we will find him?

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