Live Learn Light

This has to be the toughest time anyone of us has ever experienced. Nobody could have ever seen this coming because 2020 seemed like the magical year. The dawn of a new era, a new decade, any word that you can think of to symbolize a new start. 2020 carried with it a sense of renewed hope and don’t get me wrong I still believe that great things are yet to come but we still have to overcome this storm.

COV 19 has hit the whole world but in different ways. Who would have thought that we would be connected by pain. There are so many ways to look at this whole situation and as tragic as it may be, the optimist in me chooses to look at all the lessons that we can learn. We have all been forced to slow down and it is a chance to look within.

One of the lessons that I have learnt from this is non-attachment. Previous to this whole debacle there are so many things that we’ve had in our lives that we thought we couldn’t survive without. We’ve gotten so attached to materialistic things, always on the move and chasing the next that we forgot what really mattered. It’s time to sit back and look at our lives thus far. It might feel like the tower is collapsing but the beauty about it is that we still have the blocks to rebuild.

We need to detach ourselves from everything that we have believed to be true so far and start fresh and by choosing the things that serve us.The life that you’ve built over the years might come crumbling down. Some people have lost jobs and as insane as it might sound, wallow over the loss but maybe this might be pressure being applied to you so that you can move out of your comfort zone. 

The secret to it all is non-attachment. Be comfortable with the fact that things will change. Be willing to accept the change and let go. This is the best time to learn not to hold on to things for too long that we no longer want in our lives. Release whatever it is that you have to release so that you can create room for the blessings that are yet to come. You might have been forced to let go of somethings but it’s high time you learn that nothing lasts forever.