Living my life as a “Teaching Lens”

Living my life as a “Teaching Lens”

I want to live my life as a “teaching lens;” a way of viewing every day and every situation as an opportunity to learn, grow and then tell a story around it. As absurd as it may sound I no longer believe in good or bad situations, I feel like there is always a lesson to be learned. Everything that you go through is supposed to shape you into the person that you were created to be.

It’s easier said than done more so when the bad times are in question. But you can choose to dwell on it or go with the flow, accept your current situation and don’t let it define you. The beauty about life is nothing lasts forever.The things that make you happy and those that slam you down all come to pass. So don’t beat yourself up, it’s perfectly okay to feel bad or down at times because even the “negative” feelings are meant to be felt just don’t let that be you main or only focus.

I choose not to be drawn into cycles. Getting stuck in the same old shit (excuse my language) over and over and over again. Not learning from my mistakes is what keeps me there.  It’s about time I get out of this Ferris wheel (bad relationships, financial mistakes, fear… you name it). I am more than determined to break them.The chains are coming down one by one all through the help of God of course.

While we are still at it let’s just go all in. I decide to choose myself for a change. I have a heart that is as loud as a lion and so I choose not to be tamed. I have been stuck for so long in silence afraid, but I have finally found my voice. Everyone has a story and I choose to share mine.

Life is a school full of lessons so pay close attention because class is always in session.

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