Live Learn Light

I had the privilege of going for a full day spiritual retreat with my church group and it’s the most beautiful memory engraved in my mind so far. The chance to do so came at an opportune time because I felt like I had drifted away from God.

We had to be there by 7.40 a.m  and at first I didn’t understand why more so because I am not an early riser and it was on a Saturday but when we got there it was made clear that there were a couple of groups who would be there and the garden was more serene when It was less crowded. It wasn’t my first time there but it felt like it was maybe because I was more mature both in terms of age and spiritually.

Resurrection Garden was designed by an Italian and if there is one thing that they are known for is their artistic detail when it comes to paintings, sculptures and architecture. It felt like you were in an Italian city. That and the green scenery attributed by the plants and trees made the whole place breathtaking. It is a place to RESURRECT what was once buried.

The day was packed with lessons and everything that Fr. Anthony who was our priest for the day said felt relevant and important. If you are catholic you know how most of the prayers are recited without reflecting and getting into the deeper meaning of things and this was nothing like that. Fr. Anthony dug deep and helped us relate everything to our current situation and here is just but a gist of what we learned from Fr. Anthony and my interpretation of things.


We are called to be obedient to God. It wouldn’t have been all possible if Mary had not agreed to be the Mother of Jesus. An element of trust is also brought out as she agreed to it all without knowing how or having the full picture. This can be hard for some of us as we always want to have a clue of how things will unfold.


Often looked at as rules and guidelines, the ten commandments are in fact letters of love. Every single one of them is God trying to keep us from harm’s way.


Even though man sinned against God and ate the forbidden fruit God did not give up on him but rather sent His only son to die for our sins. As humans we are bound to fall into sin but we should always remember that God  loves us and will never give up on us.

It reminded me of when God referred to David as a Man after His own heart. I feel like no matter how many times David sinned he still tried his best to make it right with God.


There are many parable in the Bible but my all time favorite happens to be the Parable of the talents in Matthew 25:14-30. The servant who was given one talent buried it and did not invest because he was AFRAID. Fear hold us back so many times and the main lesson is that we should make use of our talent (s) as we will be judged for it.


We have all felt broken at one time but God is the ultimate healer. There also things in our lives that only God can help us in conquer. We should therefore surrender it all God and let Him take charge and control.

At times we mistake God’s silence for neglect but silence in itself is an answer. Our prayer should be for God’s will to be done in our lives, for Him to block those things that are against His will and strength during the times when we think He has gone silent on us.

Catholic or non Catholic Resurrection garden is the best place for some quiet time to look within, meditation and prayer.