The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect

I have always been fascinated by butterflies. The words that come to mind when I think of them are metamorphosis, transformation, change and evolution which is a true representation of life. It might sound a bit superstitious but for as long as I can remember every time I spot a butterfly something magical happens. And by magical I mean it usually ends up to be a pretty good day. Although nowadays it has become quite hard to spot one maybe because of climate change.

A few days before my 26th birthday I decided to get a butterfly tattoo. A lot had happened throughout the year and I felt like I was evolving because I had gone through and learnt so much. It was a reminder of what I had gone through and who I was working towards being. I felt like I was breaking free from all the fear and the things that held me back.But it all didn’t happen in day. I went through what I have come to know as The Butterfly Effect.

It is said that a butterfly can flap its wings in Brazil and set off a tornado in Texas and that ladies and gentlemen is what is referred to as The Butterfly Effect. The notion that small changes can have a huge unrelated  impact is something to ponder about. Your choices today impact your tomorrow. Even the tiniest decision affects your life, the life of  those around you and the world at large. The butterfly effect has a ripple effect to it.

Every choice comes with its own consequence that not only affect you but also others. So before opting to sleep for those extra minutes think about the impact it that will have on your life. If you decide to skip on that work out day it might be the thing that affects your health.

So strive as much as possible to incorporate positive habits in your health, happiness, finances, relationships, careers and impact on the world. The butterfly effect can be either good or detrimental. The choice is in your hands.

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