Live Learn Light

It’s been three months since I left my job to start my own business and I saw it fit to document my entrepreneurial journey. At times I am a bit hesitant to use the word entrepreneur because it has become so overused that the meaning has become diluted. That aside I would say that this period has been mostly about trying to figure out how to maneuver through life without a set guide of rules. Over the last 2 years I had been attending entrepreneurship training’s and forums and I had gathered enough knowledge that would help me sail through or so I thought.

I spent the first month pouring my heart and soul on to the Workbook and if you haven’t checked it out please do. The amount of discipline that it took was on a whole other level. I have mad respect for authors because the process in terms of research, consistency and reviews just to mention but a few is not an easy one. It was an eye opener and I think when it comes time for me to write a book I know what to do and what not to. I even think I will take one of those three month cruises so as to get the work done.

Second month in I started concentrating on my business. Just to put it out there I help MSME’s (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) scale their businesses by providing them with systems, structures and financial expertise. I know it sounds rehearsed but that’s because I repeat it in the mirror more times than I’d care to admit. All (they are not that many but this is me trying to speak it into existence) of the clients that I am working with were referred to me by friends and it’s safe to assume that that’s not unusual when it comes to consulting, especially when it comes to someone trusting you with their finances. I would say that customer acquisition is my biggest hurdle right now more so because it is something that is new to me.

Third month in I went into a deep of downward spiral. For no reason my laptop stopped working. For like a whole week I had so much time and now I get why they say an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. I started feeling like I wasn’t doing anything significant with my life. It was negative thoughts after negative thoughts and the noise in my head was so loud. During that week I was too lazy to even wake up and do anything. I am rarely broken but when it does happen it gets dark. By God’s grace I snapped out of it but It took so much willpower. As time goes by, everything is beginning to fall in place and I’ve heard it said so many times that it takes time so that’s what I am doing. Looking back, I think this is what I’d say:

I’ve been listening to a sermon series on Crazy Faith on YouTube by Pastor Mike Todd and I feel like the timing was just right because that is what I need. At times you are not sure what the outcome will be but you have to keep believing that everything will work out.

Learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable because trust me nothing and I mean nothing ever turns out as you had planned.

Have a strong support system. I have friends who are always calling to check up on me and I don’t think I’ve ever felt lonely not even for a single day.

The Impostor Syndrome will kick in and you’ll feel like you are not good enough or inexperienced but giving up is not an option.

I thought I would mention that the end goal has always been to own my own business and deciding on which one was another struggle on it’s own but that’s a story for another day. My point is when I left my job I felt like I was not growing and I just wanted to get out of there. I was not closed off to the option of another job but the more I do this the more I gain confidence and feel like I can hack it.