Try to be like a turtle or tortoise, at ease in your own shell

Try to be like a turtle or tortoise, at ease in your own shell

I saw the quote “Try to be like a turtle or tortoise, at ease in your own shell” on a C.C.T.V  digital signage as I was queuing waiting to get into the bus on my way to work and at the time I had no idea  that it would be my next title. It got me thinking, more so because AUTHENTICITY has been showing up a lot in the things that I have been reading, watching  and listening to in the last two months. If I had to pick a theme for every month authenticity would be it for March.

I am not sure if I have mentioned this before but I have this innate knowing that the content you come across speaks to a part of you depending on where you are in life. The book Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell is one of the things that has had a huge impact during this season of my life. I have always judged myself too harshly for either been too quiet, shy and reserved. It’s like I had created an image in my mind of what constitutes an “ideal” person and anything that fell short of that meant that I was lacking in one aspect or another. You had to be outspoken and have a certain demeanor to fit this picture.

The book has however instilled in me the importance of being authentic. We are all unique and trying to be anything other than who we created to be or copy someone else takes away a special gift from the world. We all get to light up the world by being comfortable in our own skin and sharing what we are passionate about and genuinely love.

The second thing that sparked something on authenticity was Oprah Winfrey’s masterclass discussion on her podcast. She says something which is really powerful and impactful that I take to heart.

Anybody pretending to be anything than who they are will never reach their full potential. You can’t beat someone at being them but you can be you.

With that said don’t dim your light by trying to be something or someone you are not. Do not settle for second place by trying to be a copycat. You can learn from someone but do not strive to be them.Shine your light by being you. BE AUTHENTIC.


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    Christine Ger

    Nice article right there hun…….well written??…many people are loosing it by trying to be someone they are not…what a world we live in?? ..I believe in order to enjoy life and serve your purpose in life you have to be you..beside life is short we are only going to be here for a short while….keep on with the good job?

    1. livelearnlight

      Thanks dear…I am glad you enjoyed the read.

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