Unseen: The gift of Being Hidden

Unseen: The gift of Being Hidden

I thought I’d start off this article with an excerpt from T.D Jakes’ interview with Steven Furtick on his new book Crushing: God Turns Pressure Into Power so as to give you background of where I am coming from.

Obscurity is a great gift. It is the reason God develops an embryo in obscurity. There is a  reason Moses was hidden in the tent for three months. There is a reason Christ dwelt in obscurity till He was thirty. Obscurity gives you a chance to have development. To  fight your own devils. To overcome your obstacles. To get your priorities in alignment. The problem we have today is that people want a success for which they have not been groomed for.

Success which you have not been groomed for is like birthing a baby prematurely. The chances of survival go down the earlier the baby is exposed. To be exposed to  soon is not a blessing it’s a curse. You do not want anything before it’s time. There is a time and a season for every purpose under heaven. And so you do not want to get married to soon, you do not want to buy a house too soon, you do not want to be exposed to crowds too soon and so because He loves you,  it’s not a punishment, it’s preparation. Because He loves you he hides you in obscurity. Anything that is valuable you protect. When you stay in a hotel there is a safe for you to put your valuables in obscurity not because they are invaluable.

There is someone who feels like they have been overlooked because they are not good enough and that’s not right. You have been hidden because you are valuable. When the time is right, when you are strong enough to withstand the elements to which you will be exposed to you will be revealed.

T.D Jakes

There is a period in my life that I always feel like I should have done better and that is between 22 to 25 years. “I should have been braver, bolder, taken more risks” those are some of the things that I tell myself. But Bishop T.D Jakes sentiments on obscurity which means being hidden resulted in a paradigm shift.

If I started my blog earlier on I wouldn’t have anything to talk about because a lot of the things that I share, are about the growth that happened during that phase. If I left my job earlier in a period where I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, I would have hit rock bottom so hard.

When I look back it is during that period that I got my job where I learnt so much about people, processes and products. When I pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Purchasing and Supplies Management I always felt like I should have gone for Bachelor of Commerce. Over the last 4 years through my job I have gained experience in all areas where I would have been asked to specialize if I have opted for BCOM. I got to practice Accounting and Finance and even be a Human Resource administrator. Working around Marketing specialists introduced me to a whole other world and I even got to learn more about operations.

Event Brite proved to be quite resourceful because I can’t even count the number of entrepreneurship networking events that I attended even though I didn’t have a business. It is all starting to make sense right now because what I learned  and who I met then are all coming into play right now.

I can go on and on with examples of how I was hidden and felt unseen and how at times, scratch that, most times I felt lost and what I was doing at the time didn’t seem important. But that was my embryo phase, I was being prepped for the next phase.

When a seed is planted, on the surface it might seem like nothing is happening but it’s being strengthened for when it sprouts. Enjoy your obscurity, it is a blessing.


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