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Why & How to Enjoy being Alone

“Sometimes, you need to be alone. Not to be lonely, but to enjoy your free time being yourself.”

Do you enjoy being alone? Naturally we are wired to want to belong to a community and that is why at times we struggle with being alone. You are the only person that will be with you for your entire life and that is why it is important to build intimacy with yourself. It is in the tranquility of the quiet where we get to know ourselves. The ultimate goal is to learn how to be happy alone as you are happy with others.


  • Once you learn how to be alone, it leads to stronger relationships because you are able to understand yourself and in turn you will be able to understand other people. It is also in those times when you’ll value the time you spend with others highly.
  • It gives you a sense of  peace because you are no longer afraid to lose people. You learn that you do not need another person to be complete.
  • It is when you are alone that you stop thinking and start feeling. The feelings that have been shoved deep down start to resurface. Being alone  helps you get in touch with your emotions and gives you the ability to emotionally support yourself.
  • It helps you understand your emotions better because a lot of times we attach and download our issues onto other people but these are just a fraction of the emotions. Being alone helps you come into terms with these emotions.
  • It helps you understand your true nature outside of the factors that affect you. When you are on your own you don’t have to put on a persona or an allusion of who you are in front of other people. There are no expectations, you are just you.
  • It gives you time to remember and reconnect with the things that make you happy. When you are alone it gives you the opportunity to choose, and you will realize that you will choose the things that bring you joy.
  • It clears your mind by giving your mind space to clear mental chatter and tune into our inner voice.
  • It gives you a sense of independence by giving you the confidence to make decisions on your own.


  • Spend your time on activities that bring you joy like cooking, writing, dancing, baking, painting
  • Follow your curiosity to learn more about yourself.
  • Take that time to explore the world through your eyes and through your mind. Take it as a time to get deeply connect with yourself.